Mall Walk(photo: Julie Juarez)

Mall Walk are set to release their long-awaited debut album, “Funny Papers” this October on Mt. St. Mtn. records. The Oakland based three-piece issued their first 7″ single “Criminal Code”, on their Vacant Stare label last year and have been generating buzz among post-punk circles ever since.

Vocalist/guitarist Rob I. Miller builds a lush tapestry of guitar effects and disaffected vocals over the solid grooves of Nicholas Clark (drums) and Daniel Brown (bass). The band effortlessly slips into a nervous frenzy reminiscent of a guitar-driven Tubeway Army, all the while embracing full on ’90s college radio noise rock. There is no mistaking Mall Walk’s music for “lighthearted” or “fun.” “Funny Papers” is a brooding eruption of guitars and reverb set to driving rhythms like the palpitations of an oncoming heartbreak. The album’s moodiness is only slightly offset by the catchiness of the refrains and melodies, but not enough to be misinterpreted as anything remotely “happy.”

Recorded and produced by Monte Vallier (Wax Idols, Weekend, The Soft Moon), “Funny Papers” will be released on limited edition on two-color vinyl this October.

Stream and listen to “Sleeping In Shifts” now.