Us The Duo Sisters at The Fillmore, by Robert Alleyne
Us The Duo (photo: Robert Alleyne)

Michael and Carissa Alvarado, better know as Us The Duo, closed out their national tour in “the best city in the world,” for a night of playful pop songs at San Francisco’s Fillmore.

After meeting at a music video shoot, the couple sprung to fame when their six-second song concept went viral. Choosing to release their latest album Just Love independently, the show leaned heavily on this bigger, more polished sound of endearing R&B infused pop music.

Highlights included a version of “Safe” which silenced the Fillmore, stopping every bit of chatter beyond the odd whispered order at the bar as the song was sung with chilling precision. A heavy helping of covers, which included Jack Johnson and Bob Marley, kept the set feeling spontaneous. Not everything worked on the night, a ‘battle’ between band and ‘Duo’ felt a little over-rehearsed and a bit awkward, and betrayed the somewhat small venue feel the band generated with the stories of love, touring, and the music industry between songs.

The chemistry between the husband and wife couple, especially through the newer music held everything together, and watching them move in symmetry made it easy to get lost in the music for a show which provided a heartwarming way to spend a Friday night in San Francisco.

Sister group The Gardiner Sisters joined Us The Duo on the night with their harmony-focused folk music serving as a fitting warm-up. The San Francisco crowd was in good voice singing a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” to Hailey who appeared touched by the gesture. They too intertwined a few covers alongside original music for a diverse, vocally tight and sometimes rebellious collection of acoustic songs.