Perfume at The Warfield, by Robert Alleyne
Perfume (photo: Robert Alleyne)

If you were passing by the Warfield on Sunday night, you would have seen a line packed around the block for fans waiting to get into the Perfume show that night. The Japanese girl-pop band didn’t disappoint the fervent audience, putting on a show complete with multiple costume changes, LED dresses, and drones flying in sync — all during the first song. There was crowd interaction, calling out fans in costume, talking to some of the younger fans, banter about going on a shopping spree at the nearby Westfield Mall, and even a rendition of “Happy Birthday” was sung.

That’s not to say that the music wasn’t incredible, too. The crowd ate it up the entire night, which was an impressive show regardless of whether or not you were familiar with the band already. Our photographer Robert Alleyne has a cornucopia of photos below, featuring the band, some of the quirky notes directed towards the audience, and fans in costume of course.