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Never Young are one of our favorite local bands to turn up all the way when we just want to scream into a pillow and thrash away all our feelings. Each and every day, this becomes more true. Take today, when we share their new track “Beta Male Erotica.” Urgent and aware, it’s a righteous gut punch to a “very specific and often unsuspecting type of misogynist,” says founding member Christopher Adams.

“Sad things start to resonate the romance washed away/I’m choking on misogyny while the singer masturbates,” are the words that paint a poetic picture of an anxious scene just out of the gate as noise careens immediately into your ears. In fact, it starts with such an immediate bang that you may want to prepare yourself, or not, depending on how you best enjoy your listening experience.

While you can make out about half the lyrics, their yelpy vocals heighten the weight of their words. (And the lyrics, too, can be found on Soundcloud and are definitely worth a perusal.) Sprinkle that with some Cure-esque guitar that evolves into their own brand of reverb-laden noise and you’ve got a winner, all the way to the end: the instrumental guitar outro is a wild, sense-(over)stimulating mess of sound that really only seems like a mess on the surface. If you listen to the individual guitar lines that come together, it’s truly thought-out chaos.

“Beta Male Erotica” appears on a collection of unreleased songs and B-sides they call Singles Tape II: SoftBank, which will be released on October 16 on Father/Daughter Records.

If you’re looking for a chance to catch their dizzying live show, they’ll be playing another local show with fellow noisy, righteous locals early next month.

Miserable (Farewell Show), Plush, Never Young, O.C.D.
Eli’s Mile High Club
September 10, 2016
7pm, $8 (21+)

Disclosure: Our writer Nikolas Soelter plays in Never Young.