Dreamers at Stummers, by Estefany Gonzalez
Dreamers (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

Over the past two years, the band Dreamers has played in the Bay Area with Stone Temple Pilots and Atlas Genius, and headlined a show at Social Hall SF back in April. The New York-formed band played this year’s Lollapalooza and the members have spent the majority of the year on the road.

More incredibly, the current Angelenos managed to do all of this without a full-length album. Now, after two killer EPs, the band is ready to release its first album, This Album Does Not Exist, and celebrate with a free show at Amoeba Music in San Francisco on August 26.

Frontman Nick Wold said the show came together because of the trio’s love of records. “We’re vinyl heads and we wanted to do a tour of record stores,” Wold said. “The show in San Francisco just happened to be on the actual release day, which we’re stoked about because we love San Fran. We’ve had great shows there.”

The three-piece band also consists of bassist Marc Nelson and drummer Jacob Wick, who joined the lineup 10 months ago. “It’s the combination of our last couple of years’ journey,” Wold said. “We’re super proud of it.”

The new album includes a handful songs from the band’s latest EP You Are Here and new songs as well. The newest single “Sweet Disaster” is the frontman’s current favorite song to play live. The tune is about drinking wine with a special someone and daydreaming of being from other decades of time. “It has this nostalgic life feeling  where you’re wondering around and getting drunk and falling apart at the seams with people that you love,” Wold said.

While the song has a special significance to him lyrically, Wold also enjoys how fun it is to play live. “We just played Lollapalooza and we were excited that people just seemed to know the song we just put out. It felt really good,” he said.

The band played on the BMI stage, the same stage Halsey played just last year, before moving one of the biggest stages at the festival and playing just before big artists like Flume and  LCD  Soundsystem. Though Dreamers played early in the day, Wold said he was happy surprised by the amount of people at their set and said the band had one of the biggest turnouts for the stage.

Since the group’s start back in 2014, the trio has grown a large following and become close with their fans. Earlier this year when their gear was stolen out of their tour van, it was fan involvement that helped them pull through. “Whatever we couldn’t replace with the insurance we were able to replace because our fans made a GoFundMe and totally helped us,” Wold said. “ It also just made us feel like for every shitty person out there, there’s, like. a hundred great ones. We got lots of love and it ended up not being that bad.”

Part of the band’s appeal is the visual elements they provide for their fans. “With a name like Dreamers, we felt the need to kind of show what we mean,” Wold said. “We have a lot of ideas about sleep, dreams, and how crazy the experience can be.”

Their goal from the start was to bring these ideas to life with videos. Wold recalled their very first video for the song “Wolves,” a video shot during a marathon one-day session at a biker bar in New Jersey with the help of a good friend named Nikolai Vanyo. “Instead of trying to make this look like an expensive production let’s make it look like a VHS tape. So we did that. I made the animations on my laptop, this broken-ass old laptop and just had fun with it,” he said.

The band plans to keep true to its roots and continue to provide a visual experience for its fans.

“As the album comes out, we’re going to be putting out some videos. There’s going to be some crazy animation and weird stuff to go along with the whole album,” Wold said.

Videos, vinyl, and new songs aren’t the only things fans can look forward to. According to Wold, chances are the band will play somewhere near you soon. “We’re going to be touring just non-stop. Forever, until we die,” he joked.

Amoeba Music
1855 Haight Street, San Francisco
August 26, 2016
6pm, FREE