I know being Xicanx is punk in its core, because it’s all about being proud of what society has taught you to avoid in yourself. Yet, I still get surprised when I see other Xicanx people stepping onto the stage and being proud about their identity through with their music. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown accustomed to the whitewashed punk world the media has given me, or maybe it’s just because I have not looked deep enough. So as a Xicana, learning about Sirena Victima was groundbreaking to me.

Sirena Victima is a punk band at the core, queer-Xicanx-diy-punk band, infusing Spanish lyrics into their songs. Sirena Victima never avoid their feelings or where they came from, and respect themselves and others that deserve it. As a band, they allow others like them to take that stage with the same pride. Their recent self-titled release shows what they’re all about, easily making you realize that they are talented and necessary. Also, the fact that their song “Mall Rats” lists some of the best malls in the San Francisco area to linger endlessly in makes me proud to call them a local band. Well, it’s one of the many reasons I’m proud of that fact.

If you like their sound and want to witness it live, they are going on tour, and kicking it off at Hemlock Tavern.

Sirena Victima, Child, Late Bloom, Garbage Eyes
Hemlock Tavern
September 4, 2016
9pm, $6 (21+)