Ezra Furman at the Swedish American Hall, by Ria Burman
Ezra Furman (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

Dick Stusso supported Ezra Furman‘s humorous, yet melancholic show at the Swedish American Hall on Wednesday to a packed, pleased crowd. Elegantly dressed, Ezra rock-raged the stage with waves of sadness, anger, playfulness and tenderness weaving throughout his set.

Ezra Furman possesses a lyrical flair, which mixes relation and imagination rhythmically. Add to the mix his delightful delivery and musical magic, Furman’s outcome is both raw and tender and incredibly captivating.

If you’ve yet to hear Ezra Furman, check out “Haunted Head” and “Body Was Made” from his latest album Perpetual Motion People, “My Zero” from the 2013 album Day of The Dog and “Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde” and “The Queen of Hearts” from the 2013 album The Year of No Returning.