For all those concerned their February Noise Pop show would be the only time you’d be able to dance to recent LA transplants The Soft White Sixties this year, you can let your fears fade away. The blues-encrusted rock foursome will be making a trip back to the Bay to headline this year’s Blues for Pops benefit which has been previously held at Milk Bar since back in 2012. The event site explains the background of the concert best.

Blues for Pops is an annual benefit concert inspired by Jeffrey Walker, the first President of Atlassian, who lost his five year battle to cancer in 2009. Jeffrey was a gifted guitarist with a passion for loud music, technology, and injecting fun into life – with a martini in hand. His children, Brittany and Mac, honor him each year with a benefit promoting emerging artists supported by the local tech community.

The benefit show goes beyond honoring Walker and includes all those that have been affected by the disease. The complete proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the American Cancer Society. To really force your generous show-going hand, San Francisco-based Atlassian (home to Jira) will be sponsoring an open bar. And with Github backing the talent for the night someone out there can finally yell ‘I told you so’ to the consistent question: why can’t the artists and tech giants in this town just get along?

The Soft White Sixties have been cooking up a fresh batch of songs for months now that 2013’s Get Right has cemented itself in their catalog. The most recent preview of what’s to come has been the March release of “Sorry to Say.” The guys speed things up while bassist Ryan Noble and drummer Joey Bustos sound like they are holding the fort together, all while Octavio Genera’s wail duels with the guitar and synth combo (Aaron Eisenberg) in an effort to tear those same walls down. Listen below and keep an eye out for whatever is happening here.

Whether a hardened Sixties aficionado or newcomer, vocalist Octavio Genera has a few tips for you leading up to the rock-fueled event. When asked for any suggestions on how one can best physically and mentally prepare for your return he provided the following education: “I would say maybe don’t go out for a week or two prior. You should expect to give your soul, heart, and liver a good workout. There will also be a few days after that you will be a little down, because after such a high you do have to come down. It’s a fair trade though.”

While the band is not one to turn down a great party, Genera also commented on the bigger picture surrounding the benefit. Cancer is everywhere, and sadly I didn’t realize it until I lost a relative and noticed how many of my friends have lost someone to cancer or were close to somebody who lost the fight. We love playing shows regardless, but to be part of something that brings joy and benefits a cause everyone can get behind is more special than just a “show.”


A musical hat trick lying in wait, local folk rock trio Rin Tin Tiger will preheat the stage before TSWS. Taking the opening slot will be rock duo Street Joy. While somehow only made up of guitar and drums, the LA pair pack a punch thrown by at the very least a five-member band.

The Soft White Sixties, Rin Tin Tiger, Street Joy
Rickshaw Stop
Saturday, August 27
8pm, $20 (21+)