Sometimes the only way for you feel larger than you really are is to put all your love into something else. Put it in a song, a poem, a friend, a lover, or a group of people. I put my love into the Bay Area’s music scene. I put all my worth onto them. Sometimes this fails me, because sometimes I find out a band I love is actually filled of scum or that they’re moving away.

Plush is not filled of scum or moving away. They have been the kind of band that has made this love for the scene grow larger. They are beyond talented, respectful, and their music has never let me down, either. Instead of letting me down, their music deals a lot with putting your worth onto other people, not wanting to let them go and watching that fall apart.

“Sheer Power” explores the idea of wanting something or someone even if they may not be good for you. You submit yourself to the pain because in that moment that’s what you need. You need their love, affection, touch, and nothing else. It’s about the power you can hold over someone or they can hold over you.

Now you can visualize the feeling by pressing play below.

Tomorrow their East Coast tour with Swings from Washington, DC begins. To all the people on that side of the States: please go.