If you don’t know Globelamp, you probably know her voice. Equal parts warbly and sultry, and unique as all, she’s most known for her contributions in Foxygen and especially their single “San Francisco” (“That’s okay / I was born in LA”). In the years following an abuse-ridden breakup from the band, Elizabeth Le Fey continues to make music under her Globelamp name in Olympia, Washington. On tour for her latest record The Orange Glow, which came out June 10 on Wichita Recordings, she takes the stage in San Francisco next Monday.

One of the record’s standouts is a song that the intersection of California dwellers and moody psych-folk fans are bound to enjoy. “Washington Moon” is actually a foil to the song’s subject. As she strums a few bright, lingering guitar chords and goes through a reverb-laden verse, we get to the song’s crux: “I want a California sun under Washington.” What’s particularly remarkable is the glammy, Bowie-esque swagger in her vocal phrasing. To hear her dance around her introspective lyrics elevates her sparse and lovely baroque folk to a sprightly adventure.

Some context that’s probably worth mentioning: Le Fey grew up in Southern California before she went up to Olympia to attend Evergreen State. Having this in mind lends meaning to the song’s sunny qualities that blend equally with its dark moments, and especially the line, “I can’t be in two different places / Although I’ve tried.” Her wrestling between her past and present becomes clearer as the song goes on, and whether she favors the symbolic California or Washington is left to the imagination. You can watch the striking video below.

For now, we get to welcome her back to some California sun. Or, at least, in a metaphorical sense. Also convenient to the California motif is that she’s touring with some very talented LA-based bands. You can catch the bill of moody, psychedelic beauty this Monday.

Globelamp, Tashaki Miyaki, Kaz Mirblouk
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
August 9, 2016
8pm, $10 (18+)