antwon sad andy

These days, you can’t swing a clear guitar on Valencia without hitting half a dozen random writers who just discovered that Ty Segall moved to LA and rent in San Francisco is expensive and therefore decided that Bay Area art is dead. But just off Valencia on 19th Street, you’ll find Different Fur Studios owner Patrick Brown attempting to remind people that the scene isn’t dead after all, via his new collective Let’s Make Some Fucking Noise (aka LMSFN for the kids).

Brown has a hand in booking events organized by LMSFN, but it isn’t limited to stuff he likes. “The goal, we’ve kind of set it as this collaboration of ideas,” Brown explains. “The idea is that there’s always someone outside of us involved and that it creates these scenarios…for things that wouldn’t necessarily normally happen.” For the first installment of a monthly series at the newly reopened Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, LMSFN joined forces with Popgang and Trill Team 6 to host the dynamic duo of Antwon and Sad Andy along with dream goth pop(?) band 1988, and New York pop-punks Big Huge. So yeah, it’s something that wouldn’t necessarily normally happen.

Although the monthly series at Eli’s is 21+, Brown’s goal is to make LMSFN events as inclusive as possible, especially for young people. “I wanted it to be as much as possible all-ages, as much as possible low price point if not free,” says Brown. “Someone that’s 18, 19, whatever, can look at something and go ‘Wow, there is a lot of shit here and maybe it’s flying under the radar, but that’s kind of good’ — that’s how you rebuild a scene.”

So the next time you feel the urge to write a thinkpiece on the Red Devil Lounge or Viracocha closing, take a look at LMSFN on all your social media platforms, attend one of their events, check out artists they’re talking about. Start this Friday and make some fucking noise yourself.

Antwon and Sad Andy, 1988, Big Huge, DJ Sets By TRILL TEAM 6
Escape From First Fridays @ Eli’s Mile High Club
August 5, 2016
9pm, $10-12