Game of Thrones is a brutal show. Kings are murdered, children are burned at the stake, fathers are beheaded, and life in general is a Hobbesian nightmare for every character.

Yet of all the misery bestowed upon the show’s viewers, perhaps no development was as heartbreaking as the death of Hodor, the disyllabic simpleton who gruesomely sacrificed himself to save his comrades. The internet reaction was widespread and immediate — just check out the 10 best “Hold the Door” reactions for proof.

That fan connection was a true testament to the acting of Kristian Nairn, a seven-foot behemoth from Northern Ireland who only muttered one word throughout his entire tenure on the show: “Hodor.” A relative unknown before being cast in the HBO epic, Nairn is now rightfully getting recognized for his other artistic endeavors, namely his considerable DJing skills.

Long respected and appreciated in his native country (he was the house DJ for 11 years at Kremlin, one of Belfast’s most famous gay nightclubs), Nairn is making the most of his newfound opportunities stateside. Those include his ongoing “Rave of Thrones” tour — a collection of raucous dance parties where he gets to showcase his love for progressive and deep house mashups, while also allowing fans of the show to embrace their inner (or not so inner) geek by dressing up as their favorite Game of Thrones characters.

Nairn will bring his fantasy-fueled freak-out to the Mezzanine on Friday, August 12. For that gig, I’m forecasting plenty of dragons, a few wolves, and a lot of doors strapped to people’s backs (these are all references to the show, for anyone uninformed. Also, are there any uninformed Game of Thrones folks still out there?)

A reflection of the fans’ enduring love for Nairn and Hodor, the Rave of Thrones show on August 12 sold out almost immediately. If you want to go, you’ll have to resort to secondary markets, or black magic, to secure access to the spectacle.

Rave of Thrones
The Mezzanine
August 12, 2016
9pm $20, SOLD OUT