wild iris

Tomorrow night, four coastal California groups from will come together for a wildly varying evening of soul-wrenching psychedelic music at The Stork Club in Oakland.

Headlining the show is Wild Iris, a folk duo born on the eclectic beaches of Santa Cruz. Bryan Shelton and Kate Mullikin met at a beachfront convenience store in 2013, and released their debut EP a year later. Mullikin, the daughter of a former Broadway actor, brings a poetic sense of melody that compliments Shelton’s mountain-grass country guitar picking.

They are supported by Los Angeles-based quartet CHILDREN, whose sound has been described as being “draped in silk and drowned in the Pacific.” Melodic and colorful, their songs gracefully walk the tightrope between unpredictability and sensibility. Accompanying the band on their West Coast tour is live visual artist Olivia D’Orazi.

Getaway Dogs will bring their world-tinted Americana blend to the table as well. The brainchild of Kai Killion, Getaway Dogs captures the light, bubbling froth of ocean foam from a shaded coastal cove on a hot day and condenses the imagery into an intricate soundtrack from a dream. Harmonies dance between Latin drum beats and Brazilian guitar voicing to create a soothing reaction in the listener. Check out our review of the single they released this summer here.

Opening the evening is San Francisco based King Kong Zilla. Born out of a psychedelic mush, King Kong Zilla is a trio of epic proportions. A funky bad trip with all the paranoia you’d expect, King Kong Zilla is sure to disrupt any preconceived notions of the bands that follow, allowing a true representation of the soul and psyche of each artist that takes the stage.

Wild Iris, CHILDREN, Getaway Dogs, King Kong Zilla
The Stork Club
August 4, 2016
9pm, $5 (21+)