The Mission used to be seedy. You could buy drugs and a switchblade and get into a lot of trouble without having to try very hard, and there was always a sense of danger and adventure that hung in the air on a hot summer night.

As rock and roll bands become an endangered species and bars and venues are being replaced by reclaimed-wood cafes and gastropubs, King Rocker records are taking over The Make Out Room for a double record release party to give everyone a reminder of how much fun a sweaty Sunday night in the Mission could be.

The boys of Apache have been The Mission’s unequivocal poster children for the past decade: loud, brash rock n’ rollers hanging on the corner in a cloud of smoke, always looking for a party. While The Mission has reinvented itself many times over, the band has not. They’re still delivering heavy licks and big hooks, and still looking flash. Apache has soldiered through San Francisco’s ever-changing musical climate by sticking to what they know and staying true to formula: They are still the bad kids and delinquents who won’t be pushed out or glossed over.

King Rock is releasing the band’s third album, Alcatraz: An American Tale of Rock n’ Roll, which has them at their biggest and rowdiest. From the opening ode to San Francisco gay cruising, “Two Guys In 69,” to the tongue-in-cheek “NY/LA” (a jab at the exodus from SF for greener concrete pastures), there is no mistaking the band for being even remotely subtle or nuanced.


BTs share 3/4 of the members of Apache and deliver a different take on a familiar theme. Where Apache are, first and foremost, proud rockers, BTs’ debut LP, Bustin’ Out, is a rock and roll love letter to bad girls in cherry lip gloss, Cheap Trick posters, late night make-out sessions, heading to the city in an over-crowded car, and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Frontman Joey Genovese leads the charge with his power-pop-by-way-of-pogo-punk nasal snarl. The guitars wrap around the melodies rather than charge ahead with power riffs and solos, but they still hit like a slap to the face. Layers of vocals and a frontman who refuses to stay on stage have become some of the band’s trademarks.

Both bands are cocked and ready to share their albums with the world at large, and bid a short six-week farewell to the Bay as they join forces with Slick! (King Rocker Records’ inaugural signees that includes BTs and Apache members) for a European tour that will last the rest of the summer, and which, according to the bands, may result in death or incarceration.

If that wasn’t enough, Make Out Room staple Sarah Bethe Nelson and the live debut of Gary w/ a Circle Around the “A” will start things off, and DJ Primo will spin 45s between bands and give even more Mission cred to this basher of a show.


Apache, BTs, Sarah Bethe Nelson, Gary w/ a Circle Around the “A”, DJ Primo
The Make Out Room
Sunday, August 7
8:30 PM, $8 (21+)