The Yardbirds at Yoshi's, by Ria Burman
The Yardbirds (photo: Ria Burman)

Photos and words by Ria Burman

The Yardbirds performed a sold~out show at Yoshi’s on Tuesday night, enjoying a standing ovation thanks to a delightful repertoire of new and old songs.

The Yardbirds sure have seen some major comings and goings along their musical journey, with drummer Jim McCarty being the only original band member playing from the ’63 Crawdaddy Club days.

The show marinated in good old-fashioned rock, allowing each musician to take the crowd on a ride. Through booming bass lines and electrifying guitar shreds to deep drum thunder and harmonica howls, The Yardbirds brings the greatness of ’60s rock to the now, lifting the crowd higher until time melts.

Check out  “Lost Woman” from the 1966 album Roger The Engineer, now enjoying its 25th Anniversary. “Smile On Me” from the 1967 album Little Games, and “The Nazz Are Blue” from their most recent 2003 album, Birdland.