The Golden State Record

Perhaps you’ve heard of The Golden Record — which, if you spend as much time as I do on “weird America” sites like Atlas Obscura and Mental Floss, you definitely have. In 1977, the Voyager mission launched, carrying with it The Golden Record — phonographs containing sounds and images that illustrate life on earth in the 1970s.

Partially inspired by these interstellar LPs, Noise Pop is joining with Pop-Up Magazine to present The Golden State Record, a one-night-only performance that seeks to encapsulate modern life on the West Coast. Through stories, songs, and sounds, artists from all fields will collaborate to create performances. The show is even getting its own original score. The night’s work won’t be recorded, and won’t go online (even though the original record eventually got uploaded to Soundcloud.)

Pop-Up Magazine is a producer of multimedia performances, in association with California Sunday Magazine, that presents shows in venues across the Bay. California Sunday will also put together a special issue featuring only stories from the West.

No word yet on the lineup. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon.

The Golden State Record
The Greek Theater
September 30, 2016