Social Work OndaArt by Derek Barber

Heads up: The “other Will Butler,” as he’s known around here, just put out bass-happy track that will likely get you happy (and dancing) too. He records under the name Social Work, and “Onda” is exactly the thoughtful, groovy romp our summer needs.

The song marks his second release as Social work and was recorded in a trifecta of varying locations: Different Fur Studios, his apartment, and a compound in Marfa, Texas. He considers the making of the song to be a little bit of both a solo project and a more collaborative one. Working with four fellow musicians, two on production (including Patrick Brown of Different Fur), and colorful artwork by Derek Barber (Perhapsy, Bells Atlas), the collective talent that’s arranged under this “Onda” umbrella really shines.

The first piece that really stands out is the bassline from Doug Stuart (Bells Atlas), which reverberates throughout the track as a danceable anchor. Along the way, we get pepperings of lyrical wit (“Take me for a ride / Take Me for a goddamn fool”) and an incredibly dreamy chorus comprised of Tavahn Ghazi’s wispy cloud of guitar and a wave of vocals repeating the title. Cleverly and coincidentally enough, ‘onda’ is the Spanish word for wave or ripple. Whether it’s an intentional stylistic nod or not, it sure sounds nice.

Butler says the song reminds him of letting a balloon fly away, and since the track from start to finish took him 16 months to make, he “couldn’t be more relieved to watch it float.”

Social Work admits to be “cooking up a lot of good stuff at Different Fur these days,” so keep your eyes peeled for some more music soon. In the meantime, if you’re listening to this song and are looking for a convenient outlet to get down, Butler is throwing a party chock full of local DJs, comedians, and an all-around good time.

Social Work (DJ Set)
Starline Social Club (upstairs)
July 23, 2016
9pm, Free