Slow Season at Moe's Alley, by Joshua HuverSlow Season (photo: Joshua Huver)

On July 20, Visalia hard-rock outfit Slow Season celebrated their third full-length record, Westing, released on the 8th, with a headlining slot at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz.

Holding down the rhythm in the band is bassist Hayden Doyle and the menacing drumming chops of Cody Tarbell. One thing that ought to be known about this band is that they are loud. The sheer volume of the sound needs to be high, however, or else nobody would be heard over Tarbell’s sheer intensity.

Daniel Story Rice and David Benjamin Kent round out the sound on guitar, trading riffs and fills, a la your favorite late ’70s heavy-metal prog band — a clear testament to their influences up and down the halls of rock and roll legends like Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Ramones. There is no shortage of high voltage, energetic head banging tunes in this band and on Westing, it becomes apparent they have gleamed what they need from the greats without sacrificing individuality or originality.

Opening the evening was Santa Cruz local psychedelic rock outfit The Redlight District. Coming off the release of two newly-mastered singles, “I’m Coming Home” and “Whore of Babylon (Testify),” which they closed their hour-long set with, the excitement and joy of all four members could be felt across the room.

Slow Season continues hitting venues up and down the California coast. Pay attention to their Facebook page to stay up to date on the next show near you.