Woods Band

It’s a bit strange how a much a Brooklyn-based can evoke the bucolic and windswept shores of California, but Woods — a group that has long specialized in eccentric folk music — is a pretty unique example of bi-coastal synergy.

The group’s label, Woodsist, founded by Woods’ leader Jeremy Earl, annually puts on a music festival in Big Sur. Plus, the sonic tenor of that label’s bands adhere to the psychedelic and experimental tendencies pioneered by The Grateful Dead, the West Coast’s closest thing to a musical institution.

That’s why it always feels like an ancestral homecoming when Woods plays in San Francisco, which they’ll do on July 29 at The Chapel (kind of the local home base for Woodsist bands). The Friday night show will take place a couple of days after the sixth annual Woodsist Festival at the Loma Vista Gardens in Big Sur. The festival organizers have opted to move that event to the middle of the week, which makes it a little tough to check out, but it’s an amazing, intimate gathering for those lucky enough to attend.

Woods are currently supporting City Sun Eater in the River of Light, their ninth and perhaps most adventurous studio album. Buoyed as always by Earl’s Neil Young-inflected vocals, the album explores moments of reggae, jazz fusion, and bossanova sounds, in addition to the regular collection of feedback-laden folk creations.

Gun Outfit and Cian Nugent will open for Woods on Friday night at the Chapel.

Woods, Gun Outfit, Cian Nugent
The Chapel
July 29, 2016
9pm, $16