lagunitas circus 2

It’s the best of both worlds, if your worlds revolve around drinking hoppy beverages and enjoying spectacular acrobatics with fellow adults. Yes, the Lagunitas Beer Circus is back for another round.

It’s been an annual event for a bit of time, but the beloved beer and its circus crew are headlining five cities this year: Miami, Chicago, New York, Petaluma, and Azusa. Of course, we get to be the lucky ones to celebrate one of our favorite local breweries in its hometown in Petaluma. Surprisingly enough, they won’t be hosting the event at the brewery itself, but in the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds. Perhaps we should expect something bigger than ever before!

The event boasts pretty much what it’s titled: a fun autumnal adults-only day of debauchery with tons of Lagunitas to drink in the process. Plus, proceeds from each show benefit a local charity. In Petaluma’s case, they’ll go to Petaluma Music Festival, which works to keep music in local schools. Past circuses have seen acrobatics from the Vau De Vire Society and music from Les Claypool, but we’ve yet to see who will appear this year. For a bit of a taste of what could be on the horizon, check out this little announcement video they just put out.

Lagunitas Beer Circus 2016
Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds
October 15, 2016
12pm, $40 (21+)