We Are Scientists at The Chapel, by Estefany Gonzalez
We Are Scientists (photo: Estefany Gonzalez)

Hundreds of We Are Scientists fans gathered at The Chapel in San Francisco July 12 for catchy indie rock tunes, laughs, and the angsty swagger the band is known for. The band not only delivered a killer show — but also a wedding.

The New York-based musicians  kicked off the night with “This Scene Is Dead,” a song off the band’s first studio album With Love And Squalor. From the get-go, the band had the crowd laughing. Bass player Chris Cain joked about slipping party favors into the audience’s drinks. “We put drugs in all your drinks. Our lawyers require us to tell you by law,” he said.

Instead of being upset when an eager fan stole not one, but two of the set lists, lead singer Keith Murray, also told light-hearted jokes. “You stole both of them?” Murray asked her. “OK, San Francisco, now we know who you are.”

But what else could you expect from a duo who starred in their own MTV comedy Steve Wants His Money in 2009? At this point, the audience is used to the duo’s quirky humor.

As the set continued the Crowd favorites were  “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” off the same album, “Sprinkles” off TV en Francais and “After Hours” off Brain Thrust Mastery. 

The highlight of the night came toward the end of the bands set when a man proposed to his partner in the middle of the crowd. When the band took notice, Cain, who said he is ordained, invited the couple on stage and offered to marry them then and there.

Though Murray brought up that Cain was only ordained in New York, the couple went for it anyway. Caine conducted the ceremony via a brief speech, and told the couple “You’re married.”