Georgia based psych-rockers New Madrid are in the middle of a trio of shows around the broader Bay Area, following Mill Valley on Wednesday with tonight in Santa Cruz and Friday in San Francisco. This lands the four-piece smack in the middle of their latest road trip across the entirety of the US taking them well into the end of August before coming up for air in preparation of Austin City Limits.

Only a few months into the world, the band is bringing the familiar yet new sounds of their third record to the masses. Where the vocals of their earlier releases sat front and center, the more distant echoes of songwriter Phil McGill don’t take a backseat as much as they allow the surrounding instrumentation to become more of a driving force. The combined strength of bass and percussion throughout magnetkingmagnetqueen blends perfectly between relaxed interludes, prog jams, and psychedelic rockers.

Want to dig through what the band created over the first few years? Bob your head along to “Forest Gum” off Sunswimmer or challenge yourself to not having “Country Moon Pt. 1” from Yardboat stuck in your head. If you need to lure anyone into joining you, pop this on full screen and wait til about mid-song for the full trance state to kick in before repeatedly mentioning how much they want to go.

Get there early for Dylan Fox And the Wave. The Oakland crew has had no shortage of shows around town since last years sophomore release of garage rock tunes. Check out “Walk On By” to back a boardwalk chase scene or “Strange Things (Real Love)” for just about anything. Locals Midnight Sons kick things off with ’70s influenced country rock and roll, perfect for a gallon jug of PBR.

New Madrid, Dylan Fox and the Wave, Midnight Sons
Milk Bar
July 15, 2016
9pm, $12 (21+)