The Bribes(photo: Madeleine Cargas)

Philip Toscano, frontman of The Bribes, moved to San Francisco only last month to make it in this city’s music scene. Already he’s landed a sponsorship from Jameson Irish Whiskey as part of the “Spirit of the Neighborhood” campaign based out of the Mission. On top of that, The Bay Bridged is officially welcoming this new musical transplant to the area and rolling out the Bay Area welcome wagon, fixie, cable car, whatever gets the job done.

“The rest of the band did not move out with me. I am looking for their replacements, but in the meantime, billing myself as The Bribes and performing solo,” he explains. “I just released Dust Tapes in May right before I left Chicago. I did this intentionally to have something to push for my new adventures in SF.”

Dust Tapes, The Bribes second release after Nobody Got Anywhere, was recorded at The Black Couch Studio, a working studio and gallery in Chicago. The album contains whimsical moments of blues rock and roll, Toscano’s midwestern drawl, and an addictive listenability. Local shows are imminent, band members are being sought, and The Bribes are moving in.