Cool Ghouls

Cool Ghouls seemed so young back when we first wrote about them in depth nearly four years ago: they were purveyors of a joyous San Francisco sound that just felt like a gorgeous sunny day. After four years, tons of live performances, and an ever-changing city, Cool Ghouls have grown up a bit on their third LP, Animal Races (available on Empty Cellar Records August 19). They still play with a distinct California sound that highlights their tight harmonies over jangly guitars, but there’s a sense of melancholy in the Ghouls’ material to go along with some new instruments, (such as my favorite, pedal steel) that reveal a heavy dose of maturity to go along with the slight shift in their sound. So far they’ve shared a pair of tracks from the album, “Days” and “Sundial”. “Days” features acoustic guitar and piano that make contemplating a mundane life just seem…important, while “Sundial” is a love song showing off the Ghouls’ signature sound:

Cool Ghouls perform at The Chapel August 11, before touring all over the U.S. and Europe. They’re all grown up! And it’s great to see.

Cool Ghouls, Silver Shadows, Emotional
The Chapel
August 11, 2016
9pm, $15