Birdmonster was my introduction to the Bay Area music scene.

I’m not kidding. About 10 years ago, a friend handed me a CD. It was No Midnight. I think I even wrote a review of it for a random webzine. I can’t really remember; it was 10 years ago, after all, and a lot has changed since then. I’ve changed, fundamentally, in a lot of ways. But my appreciation for local music has remained the same (as corny as that might sound). And I think I have Birdmonster to thank for that.

With No Midnight, I experienced, for the first time, the unique sense of pride that comes with discovering and following a local band’s efforts. I got excited when I saw them featured on national blogs and websites; I read about their tour antics on their blog; I put “‘Cause You Can” on mix CDs for friends. And of course, I went to their shows.

I went to a Birdmonster show once when they were headlining at Slim’s. Two Seconds opened for them; my concert companion and I were blown away by the fact that Two Seconds was a band of two 16-year-old girls taking full command of the stage and playing with the same ferocity and talent as bands twice their age. As it turned out, the drummer of Two Seconds had an older brother. I met him a few years later; I married him in 2013. (I digress . . .)

All personal anecdotes aside: On July 16th at Bottom of the Hill, Birdmonster will celebrate a milestone. This 10th Anniversary vinyl release party will punctuate the band’s 10-year anniversary with a vinyl reissue of No Midnight, and will feature performances by Birdmonster (of course) as well as Rin Tin Tiger and Collisionville.

For the love of local music, be sure to check out this show. And from one 10-year old to another (The Bay Bridged turned 10 this year as well), happy anniversary to Birdmonster!

Birdmonster, Rin Tin Tiger, Collisionville
Bottom of the Hill
July 16, 2016
9:30pm, $10/advance, $12/door