The Shes

Just because The She’s are not The He’s doesn’t mean they are a girl band. Yes, they may have started the band when they were still young girls, but these women are more talented and motivated than most “boy” bands that’ll only stay together for a couple years (though when it’s all boys, we usually just call them bands).

When I speak about The She’s to others, we talk about how proud we are, how meeting them made us feel included, how meeting them inspired us to be better. Most bands change members constantly, most bands only revolve around one person, but The She’s can’t be THE SHE’S without one another. They’ve grown together, and the Bay Area music scene has been able to watch them grow and prosper.

OK, I am starting to just sound like I’m throwing a bunch of cliches out there, but when you first see The She’s live, that’s a different feeling. That’s one of those feelings where you’re somehow shocked but totally not shocked, but you also don’t really know why you feel shocked by the fact that every member of the band is an amazing performer and musician. Of course every member is amazing: This is what they love, and you can see that. You probably feel a little bit like an idiot for feeling so shocked. Seeing them live makes you feel the same way you feel when you see your best friend after weeks of missing each other. Seeing The She’s live makes you remember that they are better than you, but when you talk to them, they are too humble to rub their better-ness in your face. (Though they totally should.)

So if you’re going to Phono, don’t go to the bathroom during their set. Don’t you dare go on your lunch break. Tough it out, because by the end you will feel better.

P.S. I’ll probably be doodling with them at Phono or, I don’t know, following them around with markers. Also, I know for certain they are finally working on a new album and I’m so freaking stoked.

The She’s, Chairlift, Alvvays, Mr. Little Jeans, Adam Vida, and more
Phono del Sol Music + Food Festival
July 9, 2016
12pm, $33-$250 (all ages)