femme punk

As a lady and an avid follower/cheerleader/what have you of my fellow ladies in music, the call to action of “ALL FEMALE FRONTED PUNK VINYL/ALL NIGHT” brings some pleasurable tingles down my spine. It reminds me of some post-midnight, solo dance parties in my cramped studio apartment, except on a grander, more public scale. For those of you with a similar mindset, who just want to dance the night away to an exclusively femme and vinyl playlist, some local DJs are bringing back their extremely well-received “Aural History of Femme Punk” night to Oakland bar The Golden Bull.

The event’s first affair happened last May, with Poly Styrene of X-Ray-Spex cheesing at the center of the poster. This round features the same DJs as before; Disgrace, Bad Moon, and Sushi Sioux; spinning all female-fronted punk vinyl all night, as they proclaim. If that’s (strangely) not enough to get you down, there’s also no cover! That’s right, you can jam out to your favorite punk heroes for the prices of a drink(s).

For a little taste of what you might be grooving to, here’s a song from the Au Pairs one of the organizers posted to the Facebook event. (Plus, a bit of Siouxsie for good measure.)

All in all, “Some people think little girls should be seen but not hear, but I think…” they should probably head out to the Golden Bull on Thursday! (Granted they’re 21 or over, of course.)

An Aural History of Femme Punk
The Golden Bull
June 30, 2016
10pm, No Cover (21+)