Fellow Wolf

San Francisco’s Fellow Wolf is set to release their debut EP on vinyl tonight at Thee Parkside, and we’re pleased to give you the first listen of one of the singles from the album.

Fellow Wolf’s Christopher Drellow explains the origin of the song:

“I was at the beach a couple of years ago when I overheard maybe the greatest conversation two young children have ever had. It was a boy and a girl, clearly siblings. The girl, the older sibling, was begging her parents to bury her in the sand. She was getting more and more upset that they were too preoccupied to bury her. Then her little brother piped up and shouted, “I’ll bury you! I would do anything that involves burying you!”

That line, “I would do anything that involves burying you,” struck me as the darkest thing I’d heard in a really long time. That was the genesis of Tulsa Springs. I discussed that line and the story behind it with Sean Kim, who I wrote the song with originally. We decided that it was the story of a remorseful man driving alone, not knowing he’s alone, and not knowing what exactly he’s done. But I think there’s enough evidence in the song to get a relatively clear idea of what it is that he’s done”

While it won’t exactly be the song of the summer (unless you’re spending your summer stranded in the woods), it’s an enjoyable, yet dark listen. It feels like it’s building to an inevitable climax that never quite arrives, leaving you with a little uneasiness about what might come next:

Fellow Wolf’s LP is available for pre-order in bone-colored vinyl on Bandcamp. And since you’re here, you should also watch their video for “The Bluebird”, which also appears on the EP in order to fully prepare yourself for tonight:

Fellow Wolf, Origami Ghosts, AJ Mckinley (of BATTLEHOOCH)
Thee Parkside
June 23, 2016
9pm, $8 (21+)