MissingposterIllustration by Cassidy Miller

Since Phono del Sol Music Festival began in 2011, our mascot has been a big pink flamingo (whom we’ve since named Pedro del Sol). Over the years, we’ve decorated the park in tribute to Pedro, festooning the grounds in tropical-themed decor and creating our now-famous flamingo fountain, where dozens of plastic lawn flamingos burst out of the fountain at the entrance to the festival.

We love it. You love it. But every year, we are left with a suspicious flamingo deficit.

Since we wouldn’t dream of accusing our patrons of stealing our supplies (plastic flamingos are expensive, you guys), we’re assuming the flamingos became sentient and wandered off the grounds, a la Toy Story, lured by San Francisco’s world-famous beauty and culture.

We’ve received some tips over the years as to their whereabouts, and this year, we will finally answer the question, once and for all: Where did all our missing flamingos end up?

We’ll be assembling a search party at Potrero del Sol Park on July 9. Until then, follow the adventures of Pedro and friends on The Bay Bridged’s Facebook and Instagram.