We’re officially kicking off our Phono del Sol festivities this weekend with the first of our two Pre-Parties.

This Friday, we bring An Intimate Show with Dick Stusso, the moniker which Oakland-based Nic Russo performs his country-folk-rock music under. The story is vaguely nostalgic to music lovers who have imagined the music business to be one of desperate and broke artists who are looking for the right way to have their art be heard. His debut release Nashville Dreams/Sings The Blues takes that story and turns it into the narrative of an artist with love for rock n’ roll and the desire to make it big. The release spans in sound and style – ranging from stripped down, somber ballads like “Nashville Dreams” and “I’ve Got A Memory” to the more rock n’ roll and heavy sounds of “I Am Not The Girl Who You Used To Know” and “A Tale of Two Dickens”. Paired with a recording set-up at home, his guitar, and a drum machine, Russo created an album that has gotten praise from Impose, Noisey, and Pitchfork.

While Dick Stusso will be performing with his full band set-up at this year’s 6th Annual Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival, his performance this week will be stripped down, raw, and intimate – an absolutely great way to experience Russo’s musical talents in their most authentic state.

In addition to catching Dick Stusso, come and enjoy the festivities provided to you by The Bay Bridged and Optical Underground, with drinks, snacks, a photobooth and an intimate, underground location in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

p.s. rumor has it that we’ll be raffling off a pair of tickets to Phono del Sol!

An Intimate Show with Dick Stusso
Optical Underground
Friday, June 17th
7-9pm, free (all ages)