On June 8, 2016, Summer Peaks released their new record Color in the Shade via Wave Dweller. It felt like it had been a long time waiting, but when you finally hit play, you begin floating away with the timeless melodies. When you hit that play button, you remember why you waited in the first place, and nothing really matters in the time it takes you to listen to all 12 songs. It’s no secret that every single member of the band is unbelievably talented, from Zachary Elsasser to Melina Duterte to Daniel Mandrychenko and Dylan Allard, and if you get the chance to see them live that only becomes more obvious. Though you’re not going to get a chance to see them live all together for a decently long while, with Melina going on tour solo with her project Jay Som. But we will always have Color in the Shade to keep us together when your heart feels like it is being stomped to pieces on the dance floor.

The album has everything it needs to become an indie-pop classic and everything we need to get through the day. With the fleeting vocals on “Entwined” and “Hello Dear” to poppy groovable melodies on “You’re Alone” and “Done With Love.” It makes sense that they all have been making music together since high school, since this record feels like family, with each song being having a different strength, even some that you would never expect to have side by side, but somehow you can’t imagine it any other way. This record feels whole and has a way of making me feel whole.

I’m going to go back to laying here and listening to the album on repeat, but I highly suggest clicking that dang play button below. I even more highly suggest actually buying it, and the highest of all suggestions is to buy their whole discography and the godly of high suggestion is to look out for what comes next from these four unbelievably talented people.