Introflirt-Wall Pattern-Synthpop-Croonwave

Put on that darkest shade of lipstick and eyeliner, folks: Oakland’s Introflirt are ready to send you down a moody dance spiral.

We highlighted the trio of Vafa, Ben Benjamin, and Brendan Dreaper (then a duo) in a mixtape earlier this year, and they’re back in full force with their sophomore album Temporary Heaven out late this summer and its first single “Frozen Lace” officially out today.

If Kavinsky was the soundtrack to Ryan Gosling’s brooding antics in Drive, then this song would follow his character getting lost in a dimly-lit nightclub. Dark, pulsing synths bring the darkness from the start, and ebbing at a molasses-thick pace, it’s one of the most industrial-tinged ballads I’ve heard. Benjamin’s velvety vocals give warmth to the chilling, robotic electronics and make the song strangely hypnotic. According to the band, the song is about breaking out of a cycle of sexual repression instilled by a religious upbringing for Benjamin. It’s a song that even the saddest of sad goths can still get down to.

The band are celebrating the single’s release later this month in Oakland with local and localish bands rounding out the bill. More info is below.

Introflirt, Ghostplay, VVherewolf
Legionnaire Saloon
June 25, 2016
9pm, tickets at the door (21+)