Kaki King

First, because words can only do so much, watch this:

Color me impressed. (Sorry). Experimental guitar virtuoso Kaki King casts light projections onto her Ovation Adamas 1581-KK electric guitar to recreate synesthesia as a live experience. Her 2015 album release, The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, was meant to be seen specifically in this format. Glowing Pictures, best known for their multimedia work with David Byrne and Brian Eno, Animal Collective, and the Beastie Boys, co-produced this visual experience.

The guitar itself is vastly interesting, partly because King designed it herself in collaboration with the Adamas R&D team. For musician types, Ovation Guitars’ description of the instrument should make sense: “

[The guitar] features a black carbon-fiber suspended soundboard with Adamas fan bracing and bass-string soundholes, and a classic deep bowl cutaway composite body.” I attempted to watch an informational video about the guitar in question, but the techno-jargon made my head spin. Musicians, click away.

Presented by the Bay Area’s Noise Pop live entertainment gurus, Sunday night’s show at the Swedish American Music Hall is one you probably shouldn’t miss. Glockabelle will open the night up with their very, very French whimsy.

Kaki King, Glockabelle
Swedish American Hall
Sunday, June 12
8pm, $25-$28, (21+)