From its beginnings as a bedroom project fronted by Luis Gutierrez, 1988 has since grown into a 5-piece band with a couple of albums, hundreds of unreleased songs, and a pair of June shows. The 1988’s music is dark, murky, and oh so spooky. But somehow, it retains a serenity and is simply pretty at times.

“We started wanting to write horror sound tracks and then kinda morphed into a mutant pop band,” explains Gutierrez, who is also a member of Religious Girls. “It’s Nahuatl horror pop.” The reverb heavy lyrics are sung mostly in Spanish, making them even more intelligible to me than if they were in my native language. If there was a Spanish version of Twin Peaks that needed a creepier soundtrack than the original, 1988 could provide the score.

1988 just released a cassette on LA’s Juniper Tree records, in addition to a self-released digital album on thier Bandcamp. Both should be enjoyed with cheap red wine and a dash of melancholy. Check them out below, or see the songs performed live this weekend at Cafe du Nord(!) and next weekend at the legendary White Horse in Oakland.

1988 du nord

1988, Lousy Music
Cafe du Nord
June 12, 2016
8pm, Free

1988, MALL WALK, The Peels, Disappearing People
The White Horse
June 18, 2016
5pm, $TBD