Foxtails Brigade 2016

Any band that features a “What’s in the box?” moment in their music video isn’t trying to charm you. They’re looking to twist your dreams into nightmares and warp your faith in mankind.

Foxtails Brigade definitely accomplishes that feat in their new video for “We Are Not Ourselves,” the opening track from their superb new album. Combining cheeky Americana imagery (like a fanatically distorted depiction of “Leave It to Beaver”) with a touch of Dostoevsky’s eerie novella “The Double,” it is a frightening and fascinating descent into the murderous thoughts and deadly fantasies normally suppressed by the stiflingly artificial veneer of everyday life. It’s the id run amok, finally unrestrained by the petty chains of morality and conscience. If the video doesn’t freak you out too much, you’ll definitely enjoy the dark comedy and bitter playfulness of it all.

Foxtails Brigade plays the Chapel tonight.

Foxtails Brigade, The Mynabirds
The Chapel
June 6, 2016
9pm, $15