Undercover Presents Kid A

So you like Radiohead but don’t have $355 to shell out for Outside Lands tickets (and you don’t want to see them perform in a giant field)? The Independent will have the next best thing for you this weekend, when the San Francisco club hosts three nights of Undercover Presents: Radiohead’s Kid A.

Undercover Presents is a Bay Area collective that stages cover performances of classic albums performed by local bands. Not only does the group allow fans to hear their favorite recordings (in low-cost, intimate settings), but the collective gives local bands an opportunity to recreate these masterpieces in their own unique style.

The three-night run of Radiohead’s timeless, genre-smashing album will last from Friday to Sunday, and will feature local acts like Battlehooch, Gamelan X, Guavalove and Bang Data. And while Kid A is an eerie, electro-symphonic album, it will be interpreted in a variety of different genres by the participating acts, with jazz, hip-hop, and orchestral stylings on tap, among others.

Yeah, it’d be nice to catch Thom Yorke and co. at the Polo Fields on August 6, but a pretty sweet consolation prize will be hearing “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” — as sad, forlorn, and beautiful as a song has ever been — performed in the manner of a stirring soul rendition.

Undercover Presents: Radiohead’s Kid A
The Independent
June 3 – 5, 2016
8 p.m., $30/$35 (21+)