Recently, Shannon and the Clams have been putting on crazy cheap-with-a-crazy-lineup costume parties. The Sleeptalk series is working hard to give the Bay something to dance about, and the next stop of the series is with La Luz. Sure, Shannon and the Clams are not playing, but without Shannon Shaw, these events would not be happening.

La Luz, from Seattle, are a band worth seeing on any day, but imagine seeing them in tiny little bathing suits with no cares in the world, surrounded by like-minded people. All the women in La Luz are unbelievably talented and devoted to their art. There’s no surprise that they are from the mostly women led scene in Seattle.

They are just the headliner though: local Will Sprott is also playing, and Dead Seagals, and Russell Quan of The Mummies is DJing and so is OkieOran! Shannon Shaw knows how to throw a party, so if you’re over 21 and don’t know what to do this Friday, well…you read this far, so might as well go to this.

La Luz, Will Sprott, Dead Seagals, DJ sets by Russell Quan and OkieOran!
Grand Live!
June 3, 2016
8pm, Dressed up $8, not dressed up $12 (21+)