Young Moon - full band

You don’t need to know the backstory behind Young Moon‘s Colt to feel the themes of self-discovery and redemption that guide the album, which arrives this Friday, June 3, on Western Vinyl. Trevor Montgomery’s voice and lyrics carry plenty of emotional weight, even before you learn that personal setbacks shortly after the release of the first Young Moon LP in 2012 led him to a two-year break from music, during which he focused instead on personal wellness through yoga and meditation.

But don’t get the wrong idea about Colt: it’s not an album of background music for yoga sessions, although it would probably work pretty great if used as such. No, it’s a rock record, layered with instrumental depth that calls to mind Montgomery’s post-rock past in Tarentel; as in that band, Montgomery is joined here by Danny Paul Grody (guitar/keyboards), whose textures compliment well the singer’s earnestness.

In fact, the whole band gels so cohesively that one might be surprised to learn that the Young Moon quartet only came together as these songs were being written. One listen to a song like “Perfect,” which is somehow both propulsive and pensive, and it’s clear that Montgomery and the group have found something special. More broadly, the album establishes that the artist’s return to music is a victory for both the himself and the listener as well.

Listen to Colt in its entirety below and check out the reborn Young Moon at The Chapel later this month.

Young Moon, Eternal Drag, Kokomo Hum
The Chapel
June 22, 2016
9pm, $15, All Ages