Despite the thinning out of post-rock torchbearers in recent years, a few pockets of passionate devotees have kept fires burning across the Bay. Most recently, it’s been acts like the East Bay’s Wander, who’s new music video has racked up over 40 thousand views, and Commissure, who have been composing like-minded instrumental numbers since 2008.

The expansive six-piece are returning with their first new release since 2012’s “unknown realizations,” partnering with Conditions Records (Lil Dowager, Super Unison) for a digital and cassette release. The two-song, 12-minute EP premiered recently, and shows Commissure adding trumpet and synth to their dense sonic landscape. If anything, the group has mellowed out over the course of their eight-year existence: Both “Sourmander” and “Chunti” are slow burns, and the patience benefits the songwriting. However, Commissure don’t stray much from territory that’s familiar to their past releases and the genre in general — long, cinematic buildups saturated with delayed arpeggios and crashing drums. A general feeling of nostalgia permeates the EP, but the music feels optimistic, rather than longing for the past. The reserved moments are the most satisfying, where reversed guitars provide a backdrop for meandering viola.

In support of the new songs, Commissure will be heading out on a brief West Coast tour, kicking it all off next week at Thee Parkside with a diverse group of bands. Check out the EP and tour dates below, and pre-order the tape through Conditions here.

Commissure Tour Dates:
06/09 – San Francisco, California – Thee Parkside
06/11 – Los Angeles, California – White Oak Music and Arts
06/12 – San Diego, California – Soda Bar
06/13 – Las Vegas, Nevada – The Warehouse
06/14 – Nevada City, California – Cooper’s
06/15 – Portland, Oregon – TBA
06/16 – Tacoma, Washington – The Valley
06/17 – Olympia, Washington – The House of Sass


Commissure, Hazel’s Wart, Lil Dowager, OCD
Thee Parkside
June 9th, 2016
9pm, $8 (21+)