Future Shapes

When you’re an anxious wreck, relationships (not just romantic ones) can be emotionally draining. With all the personal pressure you put on yourself to just be happy with the people around you, with the attention that you already get, but sometimes your mental state won’t let you.

Fil Cala of Future Shapes has done a perfect job of making these feelings into relatable and catchy tunes. With a voice that cracks while spewing out their inner insecurities, the lyrics repeat just like those deep thoughts you keep covered in a rant about the amount of dogs in the city.

I don’t believe the music of Future Shapes would be possible if Fil wasn’t a white-passing queer Chican@, because their lyrics show the inhabitance of the dysphoria that comes from being different in society — looking one way, but being another. Just like the anxiety that inhabits the best of us, and just like the identity crises that we’re all ignoring.

The recently released music video for “Feel,” (off Microchasm) created by Neil Davis and shot in beautiful Fort Funston, visualizes the lyrics and the fear of being alone even when there are people that care.

Future Shapes is also headlining Bottom of the Hill this Friday. This will be Future Shapes’ last show for a bit, while Fil ventures off to work on new music. This will also overall be a great show, with all the bands not only being local, but bands you need to listen to. From this being Madeline Kenney‘s EP release show, that was produced by Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick, to Tanukichan (Hannah Van Loon formerly of Trails And Ways). Get out of your head this Friday and go support some great local bands at a great local venue.

Future Shapes poster

Future Shapes, Madeline Kenney, Tanukichan
Bottom of the Hill
June 3, 2016
8:30pm, $10