Kai Killion, a Santa Cruz-by-way-of Rio de Janeiro native, announced his indie folk group Getaway Dogs‘ newest album, Lost In The Ebb, to be released August 19.

Combining intricate finger-picking progressions and percussive guitar sounds over a mid-tempo solid beat, the 14 tracks on Lost In The Ebb come together to form a world influenced album. Killion’s childhood was split between Santa Cruz, Point Reyes, and Brazil, where he first and fully immersed himself into the musical history of his culture and the epic grandeur of the natural world firmly impressed onto his perspective.

Accompanying Killion’s vocal duties is Santa Cruz artist Samantha Stone, whose atmospheric tones ebb and flow throughout the record. At times the Marin County native absolutely dominates the track, but what is impressive is that her dominance does not come with any signage and often accomplishes the end result through timing and a delicate harmonic control that leaves you feeling hit, but unable to place when or what exactly hit you.

Getaway Dogs, whose gigging band includes Killion, Stone, and Mikey Whalen rounding out the rhythm, have a pair of shows in Santa Cruz in June. The first on Thursday, June 2 is an in-store performance at Streetlight Records downtown on Pacific Ave. The second, exactly two weeks later, takes place in Santa Cruz’s Kumbwaa Jazz Center, also located downtown Santa Cruz on Cedar Street.