Photo Credit: Quincy CardinaleDiamond Heights (photo: Quincy Cardinale)

Diamond Heights have a new three-song EP to be officially released tonight at their Great American Music Hall show.

Entitled False Victories, the short collection features tremendous lead and backing vocals, some phenomenally tasty bass lines (especially on the soaring conclusion of “Swingset”) and rhythmic arrangements that echo ’70s disco and funk as well as ’80s pop. However, despite the anthemic melodies and dance-inducing drumbeats, the tracks are thematically linked by a sense of loss and longing. “Five” is the preeminent heartbreaker of Faulknerian proportions: here the band details the decline of a family, the broken dreams that inevitably result from the lopsided clash between reality and fantasy, the lamentable wave of unexpected and irrevocable misfortunes. It’s a dark journey, but a faint underpinning of hope remains when the speaker, while heading towards the grave, claims to at least retain “pride in my name.”

You can catch the band playing the new tunes tonight at GAMH as they support headliners Travis Hayes and essence.

Travis Hayes, essence, the Belle Sounds, Diamond Heights
Great American Music Hall
May 27, 2016
8pm, $15