Sick of hearing about how tech bros and ridiculous rents are destroying San Francisco? Well get over yourself — you’re gonna hear about it until something is done about it, and art will continue to dutifully reflect the dilapidated dreams and atomic frustrations and simmering tensions of a city on the brink of either real change or deflated exodus.

FASIV is the latest band to throw their hat into the ring on their new single “Bad Reputation,” adding another always-needed voice to the vociferous, outraged multitude. And there are few voices more powerful than singer Frank Abreau who, even through the grungy vibe and distorted tones of the song, thoroughly belts out the searing, rebellious anthem while retaining a strong sense of melody in the process. In between the tasty guitar solos and subdued drum beat you can hear him dig a “San Francisco grave,” one big enough for all the poor and restless and hopeless residents to fall into with one missed payment, one rough run-in with the police, one nasty hangover and nauseatingly bright morning after where the ugly facts of life become too naked and too stripped of illusion to bear any longer.

Enjoy, and stay angry.