cover(I Love Myself And Want To Live album art by Phil Elias)

Begun in late 2013, as a recording project with no intentions of live performance, OVVN have since expanded into an impressive four-piece. Centered around band leader Ethan Jayne’s pitched vocals and atonal compositions, he’s joined by Connor Alfaro (Acrylics, Fussy, the Down House) on drums, Jonathan Reddick (ex-Twin Steps) on bass, and Max Caufman on guitar. The experienced crew, affectionately referred to as “the boys,” imbue the home recordings with a necessary urgency that has garnered the band attention from across the Bay. The foursome cultivate a tension that is unique to OVVN, eschewing breakneck tempos in favor of patient, call-and-response arrangements that explore and utilize individual timbres. Invoking ’80s no-wave experimenters, the group wring unusual sounds from traditional equipment, leaving no surface unplayed.

After two years and two EPs, OVVN is premiering the first songs from the anthemically named I Love Myself And Want To Live, their decisive debut LP that serves as a sort of definitive statement for all things OVVN — plodding arrangements strewn with feedback and spidery instrumentation punctuated by Jayne’s demonic vocal.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset(from left to right, Max Kaufman, Connor Alfaro, Ethan Jayne, Jonathan Reddick. photo: Timmy Lodhi)

In discussing album openers “The Crust” and “The Crust Pt II”, Ethan writes that they’re “…two sides of a coin found face down in shit. One’s about fucking, the other about being fucked.”  Listen to them for the first time below, and catch them performing alongside renowned Canadian art punks Freak Heat Waves in Oakland on June 11. Pre-orders are available through San Francisco’s Don’t Look Down Records.


OVVN, Secret Cat, Red Wood
The Orchard House
June 10, 2016

Freak Heat Waves, OVVN, Healers
SANTO Recording Studio
June 11, 2016