I can admit it – I’m a sucker for slow jams and R&B. So it wasn’t a surprise that during my trips back to Los Angeles I ended up at the acclaimed 143 party, where that music prevails, the air is sweeter, and the music is slower.

That’s when I first saw SOSUPERSAM, the Soulection producer / artist who has been taking the scene by storm with her hip-hop, R&B and electronic infused sound. Her recent releases, the “SUP” series, is a compilation of some original tracks mixed with some familiar songs from some nostalgic names (i.e. Janet Jackson and Common). But the beauty of SOSUPERSAM is her ability to set the mood for a night with your friends dancing and singing to some tracks that you forgot you knew all the words to. It’s the same reason you’ll likely catch me in the middle of the dance floor belting out all the words to Next’s “Too Close”.

She’ll be performing with the young prodigy producer from Paris, STWO, who is labelmates with Canadian producer, Kaytranada.

Check out one of SOSUPERSAM’s original tracks below.

1015 Folsom
Thursday, May 19
10pm, $15 (21+)