I’ll never forget the night I stood beside my friends in a small attic in the Richmond District, singing loudly along side by side to “Existential Heckle” by The Yellow Dress. We may have been in a crowded space, we may have been having our own existential heckle as we found our way to the space hours before, but, in that moment, we all felt safe and at home in someone else’s bedroom. All our worries were left on the floor glaring up at us in silence, while we were unapologetically belting, “IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY.”

There’s something about the space that Dan Weiss and the rest of The Yellow Dress have helped create, something welcoming and warm, that makes it feel like all our inner fear is apparent but accepted. The band is ever-evolving, but from what I’ve heard, this space it has created has only gotten stronger. This Wednesday is their tour kick-off, and if you have not witnessed the space The Yellow Dress has worked so hard to create, you should go. Not only that, but they might (crossing my fingers) have a new EP coming out very very soon.

With their support of the scene and DIY, of course the opening bands are not something you should miss either. This show is also SOAR‘s homecoming show, from their West Coast tour. SOAR is a Bay Area DIY supergroup, featurning members of Joyride, Voidboys, Water Color Paintings, and Dreamspoiler.

And here comes a major bias (but also some major honesty): my favorite band of two best friends are the first openers: Pumpkin.

I can say a lot about all these bands, including how their music makes me feel and very embarrassing stories about myself being too drunk around them, but in the end I just want you to go out there and see these three amazing and local DIY San Francisco bands.

The Yellow Dress, SOAR, Pumpkin
Bottom of the Hill
May 18, 2016
8pm, $10