SoMo in Concert
Up-and-coming R&B artist SoMo from the Denison, TX will headline The Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz on Tuesday, May 17.

SoMo originally found widespread popularity in a series of YouTube covers, medleys and originals. He built anticipation for his 2014 debut album SoMo, which was carried greatly on the strength of the highly successful single “Ride” released late in 2013.

With a pair of well-recieved mix tapes and a debut album behind him, SoMo is touring in support of a second record.

My Life 2 was a good way to write songs that weren’t going to be on the album,” he said via a phone interview. “That way the album has a cohesive story and flow to it.”

“We live in the streaming age but I think it’s still really important and having a cohesive album can still be a part of music. I grew up listening to albums and stories and having the artist as an artist, you lived their lives for minute through their songs, and being able to relate to someone,” SoMo said. “That’s the real connection.”

To enhance the connection to fans that want to identify with or meet SoMo, there are various levels of VIP upgrades and complete with meet and greet experience.

SoMo, Quinn XCII
The Catalyst
May 17, 2016 (16+)
Doors 7pm, $21-400