Angelica Rockne

Angelica Rockne may live in Nevada City, but the former San Francisco resident remains closely tied to the Bay – she collaborated with western-pop band Evil Eyes for a time, she performs regularly in the area, and she recorded her 7″ we’re about to share with you at Hyde Street Studios with Scott McDowell. “When I See You” is a throwback to one of those 70’s pop songs with a big, harmonious chorus that belongs on an AM car radio on a two lane highway. A slide guitar gives the track a country tone, while Rockne’s voice has just the right amount of darkness and anger. The B-side, “Joshua”, is more of a ballad than “When I See You”, but it’s also a bit sunnier, making it a nice compliment to the edge of the A-sid. Listen for yourself below:

Rockne’s vinyl release show is this Saturday night at the Hemlock with M. Lockwood Porter and We Arsons.

M. Lockwood Porter, We Arsons, Angelica Rockne
Hemlock Tavern
May 14, 2016
9pm, $8