Tanukichan is the new solo venture of Hannah van Loon, who recently left Trails and Ways after a four year stint with the band. Just yesterday she released “Bitter Medicine,” her first recording as Tanukichan. It’s a lovely introduction to her new project, with an (almost) never-ending bassline leading the way and constant harmonies that flowing from melodic to eerie and back again as they move. You can tell van Loon had a strong influence on the sound of Trails and Ways (and vice versa), but it’s clearly a new direction. Give a listen to “Bitter Medicine” below.

For live Tanukichan performances, van Loon is joined by Scott Brown and Aaron Gold of Astronauts etc. (and several other bands). They’ll be performing June 3 at Bottom of the Hill for Madeline Kenney‘s EP release show, before joining Kenney on a brief West Coast tour.

Future Shapes, Madeline Kenney, Tanukichan
Bottom of the Hill
June 3, 2016
9pm, $10