For Now

Oakland duo For Now quietly released a video for their track “Ready to Die” not too long ago, and well…it kinda blew my mind. Take a look:

The shaky tension of the verses lead up to an explosion of a chorus that has had me singing to myself about my ultimate demise for a few weeks now. Zeina Nasr’s dance moves are reminiscent of someone who has removed worry from their mind, but isn’t quite holding it all together yet. I just love it.

For Now, which is Nasr and her husband Alex Vittum, recently recorded their second full length, Running From It, at Tiny Telephone with Beau Sorenson. For Now’s first album was primarily a solo acoustic effort from Nasr, (although Vittum produced). Since that release, there sound has taken on mostly electronic elements, and you can catch a couple more examples of their new sound below. The production is beautiful and Nasr’s voice has an uncanny ability to convey intensity without being overly loud. Look for the full release of Running From It next Monday, May 9.